Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who attended the 2017 Annual Meeting! This year's meeting is officially in the history books but stay tuned we have some great things planned for the future!

Day Two!

Wasn't yesterday great? Today promises to be just as great. We have Bruce Ramge from the Nebraska Department of Insurance as our first speaker of the day. Then we'll have Karen Givens and our panel discussion and finally Janis Winterhof to discuss the Department of Labor fiduciary rule. Then we'll close after lunch with discussion questions and closing remarks. Don't forget to submit your critique forms, we really want your feedback, it means a lot to us and helps us grow as a group and meet the needs of the group. We love hearing your thoughts, sharing your ideas, etc.

Today's The Day!

Our Annual Meeting starts today! We can't wait to see everyone at the registration and breakfast this morning starting at 8 am. We have group updates on the agenda and great presentations from Randall Doctor, Cailie Curran and Tim Waggoner. Following our meeting we'll see everyone at the Omaha Zoo for a fun filled night! We'd love to see your posts, photos, videos, etc. Please use our Facebook and Twitter pages and tag posts with #GAPCA. #2017 #Omaha #Events #AnnualMeeting #Facebook #Twitter

Just One More Day!

That's right! Can you believe it? Our annual meeting is just one day away now. Starting at 9 am tomorrow, the GAPCA 2017 Annual Meeting will be underway. Go to the Members Only page for copies of the Agenda, Speaker Bios and Meeting Discussion Questions. Also, we'd love to see you on our social media pages so please join us on Facebook and Twitter and tag your posts with #GAPCA. See you all tomorrow! #2017 #Omaha #Events #AnnualMeeting #Twitter #Facebook

Just Two Days!

We're almost there guys! Don't forget to print those meeting materials off the website and connect with us on social media. Post your pictures, videos, etc. on Facebook and Twitter. Use #GAPCA See you all soon! #2017 #Omaha #Twitter #Facebook

Just Three Days Away!

That's right the 2017 Annual Meeting is just a THREE days away! Make sure you print the meeting materials from the Members Only page as printed copies of these items will not be provided at the meeting. We'd love for you to check in on our social media accounts too. Use #GAPCA on Facebook or Twitter and share your pictures, etc. Thanks and see you soon! #2017 #Events #Twitter #Facebook #AnnualMeeting #Omaha

It's Almost Here!

That's right the 2017 Annual Meeting is just a few days away! Head over to the Members Only page for links to the Critique Form, Meeting Discussion Questions and Speaker Bios. Please note that printed copies of these items will not be provided at the meeting so we ask that you please print your copies in advance. Thanks and see you soon! #2017 #Omaha #AnnualMeeting #Events

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